About Us

By on January 27, 2021

James P. Grover Ph.D., PI and Academic co-Leader
grover at uta dot edu
Professor, Department of Biology,
Dean, The Office of Graduate Studies,
Associate Dean for Research & Graduate Studies, College of Science

Shashank S. Kumat, Graduate Research Assistant
kumats at uta dot edu
PhD Candidate, Mechanical Engineering


CIRTL-UTA Steering Committee

CIRTL-UTA Faculty Collaborators

CIRTL-UTA STEM Teaching Scholars

  • Amber Harris
    Project: Digital Learner Experience, Perceptions, and Preferences for Alternative Grading Formats
  • Catherine Spann
    Project: Implementing Mindfulness Techniques to Increase Student Learning Outcomes
  • Christopher Abrego
    Project: Smart Braking Experiment for Undergraduate Mechatronics Exposure
  • Colin Jenney
    Project: How do students' preconceptions affect their attittudes towards service projects?
  • Cuong Le
    Project: Student subject mastery, active learning with a higher percentage of participation, and confidence in traditional teaching method (TTM) and collaborative teaching method (CTM)
  • Goutam Sarker
    Projects: 1) Using Learning Analytics to Design Interventions for Student Success
    2) Comparison between online and in-class student performance in an undergraduate Introductory Biology class for nursing majors
    3) Toward finding the disconnect: Do instructors perception about their lab classes converge to that of the students?
  • Kyle O'connell
    Project: Student Ability Best Predicts Final Grade in a College Algebra Course
  • Lu Zhu
    Project: Post-lecture quiz helps learning in an upper-level geology course
  • Thomas Dombrowsky
    Project: Preconceptions about the infection process among prenursing students


CIRTL-UTA STEM Teaching Practitioners
Number of Students completed Practitioner Level: 6


CIRTL-UTA STEM Teaching Associates
Number of Students completed Practitioner Level: 28