By on June 16, 2021

The CIRTL-UTA Steering Committee are not accepting applications currently. Please revisit this page in timely manner to refer to available positions at CIRTL UTA.  Interested in becoming a Graduate Research Assistant (GRA) at UT Arlington? We look for highly-motivated doctoral students who would like to help promote CIRTL  to your fellow graduate students and assist the PI, Administrative co-Leader and Steering Committee members to organize CIRTL events.
Typical CIRTL GRA duties include but are not limited to:
  • Maintain CIRTL UTA website
  • Use social media and email to promote and inform students regarding local and national CIRTL events
  • Use CIRTL- LISTSERV to promote local and national CIRTL events
  • Create and supervise CIRTL events on campus
  • Facilitate communication between students/faculty and the CIRTL network
  • Maintain database of student activities and certifications
  • Serve as a Mentor and Leader to students involved in the CIRTL-UTA program.
If you are interested, please contact Shashank Kumat (kumats at uta dot edu) or Dr. James P Grover (grover at uta dot edu) with any questions.