Certification in STEM Teaching

By on July 6, 2021

Students participating in the CIRTL-UTA program can earn certification in teaching at three levels as they participate and demonstrate a progression of knowledge and awareness. The program is free to all students and while not part of a student’s official degree plan, the student’s accomplishments will be noted on his/her official UT Arlington transcript. Get involved with CIRTL-UTA, with following certifications:

CIRTL Associate

  • Attendance at two (2) on-line CIRTL events
  • Attendance of at least three (3) CIRTL UTA LC meetings
  • Drafted Statement of Teaching Philosophy

CIRTL Practitioner

  • Complete two CIRTL Network or CIRTL UTA courses (each 2 cr. equiv.)
  • Attended nine (9) (cumulative ) CIRTL UTA LC meetings
  • Completion of a mentored teaching experience
  • Completion of the inquiry cycle for a TAR project

CIRTL Scholar

  • Presentation of TAR project (at e.g. ACES or CIRTL conference)
  • Take a leadership role in an CIRTL UTA presentation, workshop, or event
  • Reflection essay on mentoring an CIRTL UTA Practitioner in Training
  • Teaching portfolio
  • Continued active participation in CIRTL UTA LC meetings

Application to the CIRTL-UTA STEM Teaching Certifications

If you have completed all the milestones of Associate or Practitioner or Scholar Levels of CIRTL-UTA STEM Teaching Certifications, you are recommended to mail to Shashank Kumat for certifications at kumats@uta.edu (kumats at uta dot edu)