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By on August 20, 2018

The CIRTL Network

The CIRTL Network's online programming for the fall term is open for registration!

Early bird course registration - exclusively for participants from CIRTL member institutions runs today through September 3, and regular registration - open to participants regardless of their affiliation with CIRTL institutions - runs from September 4 through 24.

Workshop registration opens today as well, and most (but not all) include a similar early bird period exclusively for participants from member institutions. Exact registration dates vary by workshop.

CIRTL's MOOC will open for registration at a later date TBD. Events run on a drop-in basis and do not require advance registration.

Questions about our programming? Contact us at info@cirtl.net.

Fall 2018 Online Courses

Courses have live, real-time online sessions and require regular homework outside of class meetings. Short courses typically meet weekly for one to two months, while full courses typically meet for two to three months. Registration is required; STEM grad students and postdocs from CIRTL institutions receive enrollment priority.

Equity in STEM for All Genders(full course)
Thursdays, 10/4-12/6: 2-4PM ET / 1-3PM CT / 12-2PM MT / 11AM-1PM PT
Analyze gender bias and collaboratively develop approaches to counter gender bias in STEM in this 9-week online course. Cap: 35.

Practicum in Developing Assessments (short course)
Tuesdays, 10/2, 10/16, 10/30: 1-3PM ET / 12-2PM CT / 11AM-1PM MT / 10AM-12PM PT
Develop two commonly used STEM assessments, multiple choice questions and classroom activities, and strengthen them through peer-review feedback in this 3-part online course. Cap: 40.

Planning your Teaching-as-Research Project(full course)
Thursdays, 10/4-12/13: 12-1:30PM ET / 11AM-12:30PM CT / 10-11:30AM MT / 9-10:30AM PT
Plan and refine your own Teaching-as-Research project alongside a learning community of peers in this 10-week online course. Cap: 20.

Fall 2018 MOOC
CIRTL MOOCs take place on the EdX platform and use video-based modules, discussion boards, and peer-reviewed assignments to teach participants about evidence-based STEM teaching. Registration is required; there is no cost to participate and no enrollment cap. For more information, visit the CIRTL MOOC website.

An Introduction to Evidence-Based Undergraduate STEM Teaching

Learn about STEM teaching at your own pace through online video modules and discussion boards in this 8-week MOOC developed by CIRTL Network faculty. No cap.

Fall 2018 Online Workshops

Workshops have live, real-time online sessions and require independent work outside of sessions. Workshops can have one, two, or three online sessions (multi-session workshops typically have one session per week). Registration is required; STEM grad students and postdocs from CIRTL institutions receive enrollment priority.

Creating and Owning Your Individual Development Plan
Tuesdays 10/23 & 10/30: 4:00-5:30PM ET / 3-4:30PM CT / 2-3:30PM MT / 1:00PM-2:30PM PT
Craft a robust IDP draft and action plan by learning the components of successful, sustainable plans in this two-part online workshop. Cap: 75.

Creating Effective Learning Communities
Wednesdays, 10/17 & 10/31: 4-5:30PM ET / 3-4:30PM CT / 2-3:30PM MT / 1-2:30PM PT
Understand what makes for a successful learning community and develop strategies you can apply to your own communities in this two-part online workshop. Cap: 50.

Getting Ready to Teach in the American Classroom
Wednesday, 10/3: 2-3:30PM ET / 1-2:30PM CT 12-1:30PM MT / 11AM-12:30PM PT
Learn how to work with undergraduate students in this 1-part online workshop designed for international teaching assistants. Cap: 40.

Getting the Job: How to Frame and Sell Your Teaching-as-Research Experience in Your Job Search
Fridays, 9/28 & 10/5: 12-2PM ET / 11AM-1PM CT / 10AM-12PM MT / 9-11AM PT
Practice specific ways you can turn your Teaching-as-Research (TAR) project into an asset in the job hunt in this 2-part online workshop designed for students who have completed a TAR project. Cap: 30.

Identifying and Developing Your Leadership Style

Understand the difference between management and leadership, and learn skills that will help you do both well when you become a faculty member in this 2-part online workshop. Cap: 50.

The Academic Job Search
Wednesdays, 9/12 & 9/19: 1-2:30PM ET / 12-1:30PM CT / 11AM-12:30PM MT / 10-11:30AM PT
Learn how to navigate the academic job market and uncover a wide range of tools and resources available to academics on the job hunt in this 2-part online workshop. Cap: 50.

Understanding and Implementing Metacognition in the Classroom
Wednesdays, 9/26 & 10/3: 4:30-6PM ET / 3:30-5PM CT / 2:30-4PM MT / 1:30-3PM PT
Dive into "metacognition" - or thinking about one's own thinking - and how it impacts your students' learning in this 2-part online workshop facilitated by doctoral students at Columbia University. Cap: 25.

Writing an Effective NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program Proposal
Synchronous session: Thursday, 9/13 at 3:30-5:30PM ET / 2:30-4:30PM CT / 1:30-3:30PM MT / 12:30-2:30PM PT
Get a guided introduction to the application process for the National Science Foundation's Graduate Research Fellowship Program in this unique 3-part workshop that blends recorded lectures with a synchronous online session to bring participants together from all across the country. No cap.

Fall 2018 Online Drop-In Events

Events have live, real-time online sessions; event series include a handful of events that revolve around a unifying theme in STEM teaching and learning. Events run on a drop-in basis and do not require advance registration. Participants can attend as many or as few events as they like in a given series.

Addressing Implicit Bias in STEM (CIRTLCast Series)
Mondays in October: 11:30AM - 12:30PM ET / 10:30-11:30AM CT / 9:30-10:30AM MT / 8:30-9:30AM PT
Explore how an evidence-based approach to implicit bias can promote greater equity and inclusion within STEM teaching and learning in this four-part, weekly online event series. No cap.
10/1:How Pervasive Is Implicit Bias in STEM?
10/8:How Can We Identify Implicit Biases in Ourselves and Others?
10/22:How Can We Minimize Implicit Bias in Our Academic Communities?
10/29:How Can We Interrupt and Mitigate Implicit Bias When We Witness It?

All-Network Teaching-as-Research Presentations
Wednesday, 11/28: 5-6:30PM ET / 4-5:30PM CT / 3-4:30PM MT / 2-3:30PM PT
Hear grad students and postdocs from across the CIRTL Network share the results of their Teaching-as-Research projects in this stand-alone, drop-in online event. No cap.

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