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By on August 12, 2019

The CIRTL Network

Fall 2019 Schedule

This fall the CIRTL Network's online programming includes 3 courses, 1 MOOC, 3 workshops, 1 peer-led learning community,and 1 future faculty teaching summit.

All our offerings except for the MOOC require advance registration during defined registration periods. Early bird registration for participants from CIRTL member institutions will open August 19; regular registration, open to participants regardless of their affiliation with CIRTL, opens on a staggered basis relative to when programming takes place.

Questions about CIRTL programming? Contact CIRTL at info@cirtl.net.

Fall 2019 Online Courses

Courses have live, real-time online sessions and require regular homework outside of those class meetings. Short courses typically meet weekly for one to two months, while full courses typically meet for two to three months. Registration is required; STEM grad students and postdocs from CIRTL institutions receive enrollment priority.

Diversity in the College Classroom
Fridays 9/27-11/22: 11:30AM-1PM ET / 10:30AM-12PM CT / 9:30-11AM MT / 8:30-10AM PT

Understand the theory behind how diversity affects learning and develop practical classroom strategies in this course designed for STEM/SBE grad students and postdocs. Cap: 30.

Equity in STEM for All Genders
Thursdays 10/3-12/12: 11:30AM-1:30PM ET / 10:30AM-12:30PM CT / 9:30-11:30AM MT / 8:30-10:30AM PT
Analyze gender bias and collaboratively develop approaches to counter gender bias in STEM in this 9-week online course. Cap: 35.

Planning your Teaching-as-Research Project
Mondays 9/23-12/2: 12-1:30PM ET / 11AM-12:30PM CT / 10-11:30AM MT / 9-10:30AM PT
Plan and refine your own Teaching-as-Research project alongside a learning community of peers in this 10-week online course. Cap: 20.

Fall 2019 Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)

CIRTL MOOCs take place on the EdX platform and use video-based modules, discussion boards, and peer-reviewed assignments to teach participants about different aspects of evidence-based STEM teaching over the course of 8 weeks. Registration is required; there is no cost to participate and no enrollment cap. For more information, visit the CIRTL MOOC website.

An Introduction to Evidence-Based Undergraduate STEM Teaching
Weekly asynchronous modules from 9/30 through 11/25
Learn about STEM teaching at your own pace through online video modules and discussion boards in this 8-week MOOC developed by CIRTL Network faculty. No cap.

Fall 2019 Online Workshops

Workshops have live, real-time online sessions and require independent work outside of those meetings. Workshops can have one, two, or three online sessions (multi-session workshops typically have one session per week). Registration is required; STEM grad students and postdocs from CIRTL institutions receive enrollment priority.

Understanding and Addressing Bias in STEM Classes
Tuesday, 10/1 & 10/8: 12-1:30PM ET / 11AM-12:30PM CT / 10-11:30AM MT / 9-10:30AM PT
Learn how implicit bias impacts learning in STEM classrooms and explore strategies to counter it in this two-part workshop. Cap: 40.

Using Qualitative Methods to Enrich Teaching and Learning
Monday 9/23 & 9/30: 3-4:30PM ET / 2-3:30PM CT / 1-2:30PM MT / 12-1:30PM PT
Get an introduction to qualitative research methods for classroom-based research in this two-part workshop. Cap: 25.

Writing an Effective Teaching Philosophy Statement
Wednesday 10/23 & 10/30: 2-3:30PM ET / 1-2:30PM CT / 12-1:30PM MT / 11AM-12:30PM PT
Draft a peer-reviewed teaching philosophy statement that reflects your teaching beliefs and experiences in this two-part workshop. Cap: 40

Fall 2019 Online Learning Communities
Learning communities have live, real-time online meetings and rely on participants completing related work outside of those meetings. Registration is required; STEM grad students and postdocs from CIRTL institutions receive enrollment priority. Communities may have prerequisites that participants must meet in order to take part, and they may have an additional application process to confirm participants meet those requirements.

Peer-led Teaching-as-Research Learning Community
Schedule TBD
Join this peer-led, online learning community to get support as you implement a teaching-as-research project and analyze your findings. Cap: 15.

Fall 2019 Online Teaching Summits
Teaching summits have live, real-time online sessions. Registration is required; STEM grad students and postdocs from CIRTL institutions receive enrollment priority.

Future Faculty Teaching Summit
Thursday 11/21: 3-6PM ET / 2-5PM CT / 1-4PM MT / 12-3PM PT
Connect with future faculty around the country in this unique, online summit and develop new ideas for your own teaching as well as a better understanding of what teaching careers look like at different institutions. Cap: 40

CIRTL@UTA: Grants Available for fall 2019

Learning Community Builder (LCB) Grant
Are you interested in receiving a Learning Community Builder (LCB) Grant of $500 (one time)? CIRTL-UTA is accepting applications for LCB grant for fall 2019. Please submit your application here.

Deadline for LCB Grant application is September 09, 2019.

To learn more about Learning Community Builder Grant please visit our LCB Grant page.

Teaching as Research (TAR) Grant
CIRTL-UTA is currently seeking motivated applicants for Teaching-As-Research (TAR) Project Grants, where you will have the opportunity to formally test student learning outcomes and various teaching methods.

We encourage team applications, and student/post doc/faculty partnerships. Students can apply for $500 grants for Teaching-as-Research project. Students completing a major milestone of the project such as collecting/analyzing large amounts of data or preparing for publication/presentation are eligible for CIRTL STEM Teaching Certification.

There is NO DEADLINE for submitting TAR grant applications.

Email lberry@uta.edu if you would like to inquire about funding availability. Please fill out the application in the following link: Teaching-as-Research (TAR) Grants.

For questions or comments please email lberry@uta.edu.

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