CIRTL GRA Open Position

By on January 16, 2018

Interested in becoming a Graduate Research Assistant (GRA) at UT Arlington?   The CIRTL-UTA Steering Committee is now accepting applications from highly-motivated doctoral students who would like to help promote CIRTL  to your fellow graduate students and assist the PI, Administrative co-Leader and Steering Committee members to organize CIRTL events.
Typical CIRTL GRA duties include but are not limited to:
·         Maintain CIRTL UTA website
·         Use social media and email to promote and inform students regarding local and national CIRTL events
·         Create and supervise CIRTL events on campus
·         Facilitate communication between students/faculty and the CIRTL network
·         Maintain database of student activities and certifications
·         Serve as a Mentor and Leader to students involved in the CIRTL-UTA program.
If you are interested, please apply here and contact Christopher (christopher dot abrego at mavs dot uta dot edu) or Lisa Berry (lberry at uta dot edu) with any questions.

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