Learning Analytics

By on February 21, 2017

This project is a collaboration between CIRTL UTA students, the UTA LINK Research Lab, and UTA University Analytics. Our team of STEM graduate students is in the process of analyzing student data from several STEM courses to better understand the factors that most influence student success in STEM classrooms at UTA. As the nation’s 5th most diverse academic institution, our data will provide unique insights into learning in diverse STEM classrooms. Our dataset includes courses with online and lecture format sections, allowing us to not only compare across student demographics and backgrounds, but also across course styles and instructors. We hope that the insights gained from this project will allow us to improve STEM courses at UTA, and to especially target student interventions towards individuals with the greatest academic needs.

Our team is composed of the following contributors:

Kyle O’Connell (project leader), doctoral candidate in Biology and CIRTL-LINK GRA.

Elijah Wostl, doctoral candidate in Biology, Biology GTA

Armin Soltan Zadi, doctoral candidate in Bioengineering, UTA and UT Southwestern

Goutam Sarker, doctoral candidate in Biology, Biology GTA

Kyle Shaney, doctoral candidate in Biology, Biology GTA

Matthew Crosslin, Ph.D., LINK Learning Innovation Coordinator

Lisa Berry, LINK Director, CIRTL Co-Administrative Leader