Learning Community and Workshop this Week!

By on April 3, 2017

Learning Community Meeting and Workshop

This week we will having 2 learning community meetings and a workshop this week, refreshments will be provided. There will be learning communities this Wednesday in both the Life Science building and Science Hall and the workshop will be in Woolf Hall. Consider joining a learning community!!

Learning Community: Strategies for Creating Effective Learning Communities in the Classroom
Leader: Shafaq Moten
Time and Location: Wednesday, April 5th, at 2:00PM in Science Hall 105
Meeting Topic: Individual Projects – Benefits and Ideas

Learning Community: Core Strategies in Teaching in Undergraduate STEM Lab classes
Leader: Goutam Sarker
Time and Location: Wednesday, March 29nd, at 10:00AM in Life Science 128
Meeting Topic: Teaching Students with Special Needs (Students with Disabilities)

Workshop Leader: Racquel Douglas
Workshop Topic: Inclusive Classrooms
Time and Location: Wednesday, April 5th, at 12:00PM in Woolf Hall 200

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