Learning Community Workshop

By on October 5, 2016

Learning Community Workshop Series

We will be having two workshop events on campus this semester regarding the Development of an Effective Learning Community. We will be viewing the online session together as a group and discussing various points of the conversation.

The online series pertains to the development of Effective Learning Communities. Some of the take aways from this event are:

  • Identify the characteristics of a successful Learning Community in either teaching or research environments
  • Practice effective participation and facilitation strategies based on a MOOC – centred Learning Community
  • Design a group setting to make a more effective Learning Community

This is a great resource for those who will be creating their own Learning Communities in the future as well as anyone interested in how to effectively participate in Learning Communities. To attend, please register here for the CIRTL-UTA: Effective Learning Communities event.

Reminder that this two part series counts toward attendance of two Learning Communities meetings as well as two online Network events.

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