Self-paced STEM teaching courses this summer

By on June 14, 2021

Looking to learn more about STEM teaching and learning, and inclusive teaching practices this summer? Consider signing up for a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) to learn at your own pace!

CIRTL is running an 8-week MOOC, starting next week, on evidence-based undergraduate STEM teaching, and colleagues in the NSF-funded Improving Undergraduate STEM Education (IUSE) initiative are running a 7-week MOOC, starting tomorrow, on inclusive STEM teaching. Both are open for registration!

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Featured CIRTL Network Programming

CIRTL runs online courses, workshops, events, and more to teach STEM grad students and postdocs effective, inclusive, evidence-based approaches to teaching and learning.

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)

CIRTL MOOCs take place on the EdX platform and use video-based modules, discussion boards, and peer-reviewed assignments to teach participants about different aspects of evidence-based STEM teaching over the course of 8 weeks. Registration is required; there is no cost to participate and no enrollment cap. For more information, visit the CIRTL MOOC website.

An Introduction to Evidence-Based Undergraduate STEM Teaching

8-week asynchronous course running June 21 through August 15

Learn about STEM teaching at your own pace through online video modules and discussion boards in this 8-week MOOC developed by CIRTL Network faculty. No cap.


Beyond CIRTL

Looking for additional professional development opportunities to build evidence-based and inclusive teaching skills? Consider these opportunities beyond The CIRTL Network.

Inclusive STEM Teaching Project MOOC

7-week Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) starting June 15

Join the NSF-funded Improving Undergraduate STEM Education (IUSE) initiative for a 7-week Massive Open Online Course this summer on inclusive STEM teaching practices. The asynchronous course is designed to advance the awareness, self-efficacy, and ability of STEM faculty, postdocs, graduate students, and staff so that they may cultivate inclusive learning environments for all of their students.

Students enrolled in the MOOC have the option to join accompanying learning communities led by trained facilitators at institutions across the country. Learning communities have weekly online meetings to provide space for further discussion, reflection, and community building.

Register for the MOOC

Register for a learning community

Academic Careers & Job Postings

Higher education job openings in the US and Canada focused on STEM education.

Assistant Professor, Information and Computer Studies, National Technical Institute for the Deaf, Rochester Institute of Technology (Open until filled)

Visiting Mathematics Lecturer, Rochester Institute of Technology (Open until filled)

Department of Evolution, Ecology and Organismal Biology Academic Coordinator, University of California Riverside (Deadline: 6/30)

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About The CIRTL Network

We are a network of 38 universities in the US and Canada committed to advancing inclusive, evidence-based Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) education. For more information about the CIRTL Network, visit us on the web at

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