Teaching as Research Project – Getting Started

By on September 16, 2016

September 16: Introduction to TAR

In this session, we had conversations regarding what CIRTL is and how we all benefit from participation. We also talked about what a TAR project is and how it can help out. We watched some videos from the CIRTL MOOC regarding TAR project development (see here and here).

We also talked about funding opportunities for TAR projects as well as a time-line for completing a TAR project (as well as a typical time-line for achieving associate and practitioner certification). Emphasis was made in how a TAR project does not take away from your main objective as a PhD student.

Additionally, an outline of how the rest of the semester look likes regarding the Learning Community was discussed.

Hope you can make it out to our next meeting September 30th, at noon in Woolf Hall (see below) 200. You don’t necessarily have to have come to the first session to attend future sessions.




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